Weekly Newsletter 6.17.15

Blog Entry: 

Friends of West Ridge,

Thanks for your interest in the “Ready?” message series. This Sunday is Father’s Day and we will step out of the “Ready” series to speak directly to Fathers and to celebrate a child dedication service.  If you have a child you wish to dedicate, please send his/her name, birth date, parent’s name and a digital picture to dave@westridgecc.org.  We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.  

Grace and Peace to you,


West Ridge Announcements: 

We will celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday (June 21st) with a child dedication ceremony during our normal worship service.  If you have a child you wish to dedicate, please send an email with your child’s full name, date of birth and a digital picture, to dave@westridgecc.org.

Men’s Summer Group will meet again this Wednesday evening (TONIGHT!) at 7:30 pm.  We plan to Climb Pike’s Peak again on June 27th.  Come hear about what God is doing among the Muslim community in Wichita and how we can be a part of that! We are telling you early for 2 reasons.  First, consider bringing a friend, or a son, or a protégé... pray about that.  Second, we will train together by climbing the hill in Sedgwick County park after our Wednesday night meetings.

Vacation Bible School starts next Monday and runs through Friday! Register your kids (Age ranges from Graduated Kindergarten through Graduated Fifth Grade) here Journey Off the Map!

Our Youth (This Camp is for youth who are going into 7th grade and up) travel to Supper Summer on Monday, June 29th and stay through Friday, July 3rd. Join us in praying for them throughout this incredible growth opportunity!

Sunday's Worship Set:

Here For You - Tomlin

Only King Forever - Elevation Church

Cornerstone - Hillsong

Healing Is In Your Hands - Christy Nockels

My Heart Is Yours - Kristian Stanfill