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Addiction is a pattern (trained response) to an internal reaction to painful experiences and wounds. One creates that pattern to survive and to function (it's a natural response). These coping mechanisms aren’t always external in nature but often internal, relational, and under the surface.
Relying on Christ amid pain requires trust and intentionality. This is not natural; it has to become a pattern.

When does a behavior become an addiction?

We discover if one has an addiction by how the person is affected when he or she tries to stop a behavior.  Here is a brief list of good questions to ask to decide if a behavior ha become an addiction:
*Can you stop the unwanted behavior whenever you want?
*Do you engage in the behavior more often than you want to?
*Has anyone ever confronted you about it or joked about you doing it too much?
*Have you lost or suffered anything because of the behavior? (A job, a relationship, etc.)
*Would you feel embarrassed if anyone knew about this behavior?
*Do you have little control over your thought life?
*Do you find yourself fixating on certain behaviors?

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